Curated, high-quality, affordable meals. Ethical, fair and sustainable for local restaurants.

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Your Weekly Curated Menu

Curated & Delicious

Find gourmet, exclusive options you can't find on typical food delivery apps. Plan and "book" ahead a dining experience you'll look forward to, not a last minute afterthought.


Food delivery bills add up quickly. With Fare, pay ~$15 per meal all-in, and tip out of gratitude rather than out of obligation.

Fair, Sustainable, & Transparent

We take ZERO commission from our restaurant partners, compared to the industry average of 20-30%+. We're transparent with where your money is going and strive to build you a sustainable service for our entire food delivery ecosystem.

Local & Vetted

Founded and based in NYC, we have a personal relationship with all of our restaurants and have tasted everything you're eating. Give us a holler if you want to meet in person (or video) - seriously 😀

How We Compare Grubhub Seamless, DoorDash, Uber Eats, & Postmates
Affordability ~$15 all-in $20+ all-in
High-quality menus taste tested by our team 😋
Meals delivered by the restaurant folks who care that you enjoy the food 😋
“Share” the same meal together with your neighbors and fellow tenants 😋
Curated menus that feel special, not the yellow pages of restaurants 😋 👍
Convenience Pick gourmet meals for the next 2 weeks with a few clicks Order some food last-minute
Ethically fair to our restaurant partners 🤗 We’ve all seen the phone scam article ...
Ethically fair to delivery people 🤗 We’ve all seen the tip article ...
Long term sustainable for our food delivery ecosystem 🤗 Despite 30+% commissions, no one makes money

Say hello to: affordable, curated, high-quality cuisine that is ethically fair and sustainable for our local food delivery ecosystem.

Say goodbye to: last-minute food from an endless list.

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We just ate the dinner you delivered and it was AWESOME, count us in for the next one. Really really good and so worth the price/convenience. Thank you.

$15 was reasonable & affordable. If I order on Seamless, even if the meal is around $10, with tax and tip/delivery fee, I’m usually paying over $15. Plus a $10 meal on Seamless is nowhere near as good as the food I ate last night.


Wow. The food was seriously fab.



  • I see “CaterCow” being thrown around. What is CaterCow? I’m not looking for catering.

  • Where is the food coming from?

  • Who is delivering the food?

  • So how does this work?

  • Why do I have to place my order with so much advance notice compared to the typical food delivery apps?

  • Why are there limited menu options each day?

  • Who is behind choosing these menus?

  • I read that you’re charging restaurants 0% commission. That’s cool, but what other fees are you charging them? And how are you making any money?

  • Ok I get how you’re making money now, but why does the food seem so weirdly affordable?

  • If you’re delivering to so many people, will my food come warm / hot?

  • Where are you currently offering Fare?

  • I am a restaurant and would like to participate.

  • I have another question that you totally should’ve addressed on this FAQ!